System Version variances between same camera types (2C)

I have 3 Eufycams (2C) - 2 of which came with the Homebase and 1 purchased as an add on. The 2 original are on system version 1.7.4, but the add on is on 5.2.7. The Subsystem Versions are all the same. It’s been like this for weeks and all report their firmware as being up to date. All are working fine, but it’s a substantially different version number and I wondered if anyone else had noticed this?

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same here exactly same situation but when putting old v and new v cam side by side the one on the higher version has way better detection rate. exact same settings for both but the old one struggles at night and misses more than half of what the other one captures

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Just had a (very prompt - well done Eufy!) response:

“I have consulted the case with our product team and was told that, from this year, our new cameras are manufacturered by a different manufacturer with the same standard of product production, therefore, the latest camera firmware is different from the other two cameras so as to distinguish the manufacturers. Rest assured that all your cameras are of the latest camera firmware and should work without any issues.”

That answers that then :laughing:


Hi I have same issue.
Last 2C is 5.2.7 and motion detection does not work fine as all others; no way to set it correctly.
I opened an thread.

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