Switch camera on and off with a Homekit automation

Hi all,

thank you for the nice product Eufycam 2. I am really content with the system and the app. There are only a few things missing:

  1. Time schedule for each cam:
    It would be great to be able to add a time schedule to turn the cameras off and on. This would help a lot in areas where the surveillance is not allowed all around the clock. The manual deactivation for 5 cams is not really comfortable.

  2. An option to switch a camera on and off with a Homekit automation:
    I have homekit locks at my doors that allow „on lock“ and on „unlock“ switching functionality. It would be great and helpful, if each cam could be switched on and off via Homekit, so that the cameras deactivate when the lock is opened and it activates when the lock is closed.

Once again, I really like this cam. I tested several others and the Eufycam 2 is the best of all I have seen in regards to image quality, speed and battery life. Great product. Please continue improving it!



Have you try the app IFTTT? Maybe t can help with some automations

eufyCam doesn’t support IFTTT @ikari04warrior

@PEGO please reach out to support@eufylife.com with your suggestions. Hope the new firmware can allow those options.

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Aw man I didn’t know that, thanks

Also expose the spotlight on the 2C to HomeKit so it can be turned on/off please

I agree - activating and deactivating the cameras via a HomeKit automation would be fantastic - not sure if that is a feature that HomeKit allows?

Hi, I would also like to see the feature. Automate camera on/off.

I think linking it with a lock would have to be slightly more sophisticated than simply locked or unlocked. Would need to also be able to factor in time & presence. - for me at least

While your at it, let’s have the in built alarm inside the cameras exposed to HomeKit. That would be a huge benefit with HomeKit