Support security mode toggle from HomeKit

Need to have more tight integration with HomeKit: enable the HomeKit to control and toggle different security mode.

That will allow the security mode to be part of a HK scene, and Siri can immediately make use of it. Like telling “siri: I’m home”, and it will take care of toggling the security mode.


@Dom106 this is not controlled thru eufy! It is a (Apple) HomeKit limitation as of now the only thing it can do is 2 way talk, activity zones, people direction, secure recording,

I too would like this feature please. The main reason I bought my camera was the HomeKit integration.

I also have an Onvis door sensor which lets me change its security mode via HomeKit so hopefully this will be achievable soon.

The Onvis also lets me trigger its alarm which would also be useful with your Cams.

Thanks, Matthew

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Please add this feature! The Aqara bridge / hub shows as a security system (I wish it didn’t!). It’d be great for eufy to show there too for tighter integration with HomeKit and automation.

Thanks for making great products!

if you are willing to invest in a raspberry pi you can download a program called Hombridge, you would then need to install a plugin called Homebridge Eufy Security. this will then enable you to change the different security modes also if you have any motion sensors they too can be exposed to HomeKit.

yes i know this all sounds like a bit of faff and should be natively supported but once its all set up it its worth it.

I actually already have a Homebridge server, just added Eufy Security (thanks!), and my Pan & Tilt camera showed up. But I’m not seeing controls in HomeKit to change security mode? Am I just missing it?


Do you have a homebase or just the p&t camera? as far as im aware and don’t quote me on this but i think it only shows on the homebase when thats exposed to homebridge, i have 2 homebase’s exposed and can change the security mode in the home app via the homebase

Just the P&T camera - as it connects directly to HomeKit, don’t need Homebase … right? I admit, really painful that Geofencing isn’t working, and then I can’t also change it from HomeKit. Open to suggestions!