Suggestions for system improvement

Hey guys :wave: After having the system in place for the past few weeks i would have to say mainly good things about it. I love the 2 way sound and voice for the cameras, the picture quality is great for the price I paid and the zoom is a plus. Door sensors are as good as you could expect for what they are. I do see some areas that are somewhat hindersome though. Firstly i just wanna say the product is great​:+1: im glad i landed and went with Eufy. However, the facial recognition is almost non existent, when it does work its after its already squawlking. I would love to be able to go to the kitchen if i wake up of thrist without alarming the whole house. But hey atleast its doing its job or most. If the facial feature isn’t something feasable at this time i do have a suggestable work around. A two birds with one stone kinda thing. When the alarms are raising like barney 5 in hot pursuit i have yet to find a quick a hastily way to silence then if need be. I know most android phones have a “widget” option or pop-up like action afixed to a certain location on your homescreen. A snooze button would be great. Or make a soft alarm for the first few seconds, send an alert to the phone and if its not checked/responded to then sound off like fort knox on a tuesday night break in. Or offer an actual snooze button if software is an issue. If not though maybe we could go into the tracking security setting and allow for a few more options than 2. Sonetimes at home i want the system on other times i may be expecting company and not want them feeling as if im about to draw down on them as they are coming across the driveway. Im no modern day friends but sometimes i do like to pull a ross and pop in on some friends in the neighborhood. The size of the area at its smallest is still pretty large so it has me clocked as being at home and is on chill mode because it thinks im guarding the house when actually neither me or the cameras are. Yet to me atleast the geo mode is the real only practical way of setting the system without constantly haveing to go in and out of the app. Ive come to just letting it squwalk at me rather than unlock my phone. Find then go in the app. Wait for it to load. Then wait for it to load the security page… and it end up losing camera connections or something in the process of me simiply just trying to find an off button. A simple button that could be outside of the app on the main phone or at this point in time make the button on the first page the app loads into. It would probably be one of the best features yet. Im sure someone has probably already said and gave idea of something similar. If not, well the first ones on the house. Like i said i like the system. Its just coming on alot when i dont need alarmed, just dont want it to fall into the fate of the little boy who cried wolf class thinking its the treelimb wind or casper and it be big bad leroy jenkins. This so called button im imagining would fix so much. Need water in the nighg hit the button. Need through the door and time to leave. Hit the button, maybe 2 times or something to indicate youre leaving/arriving and it doesn’t need to do a sound off to me like a troup to the general in the chow hall. Remeber. Smooth is fast and fast is smooth. Make an easily quickly accessible button that disarms for 3-5 minutes on the home screen and reap the benifits. We’ll all feel safer and you’ll see even better numbers. Its a no brainer to me.
4 out of 5 not bad. Not a bad system at all. Just a few minor kinks from perfection. Id happyily confer at a later date more innovative ideas that are equally beneficial as need arises. Should hook a dude up with a keypad for disarment atleast. Just a thought.

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I think Eufy can improve the facial recognition if we can save pictures at multiple angles. The eufy Cam has problems recognising your face when it is up high

Agree. I have 5 Eufy Cam 2 and rarely does the “pic” of the face work in human detection. Now, I wish the AI choice of facial dectection was a choice so I knew who it was if/when it worked. At least for me AI facial detection is NOT even an option. Is it TBD on cam 2 or just me?