Streaming eufy cam live feed to google assistant devices

Just purchased Eufy cam and successfully added both smart hub and 2 x cameras to Google assistant hub but google will not show stream from cameras on any of the connected media devices or google home hub. Eufy packaging and support informations plus the App suggests that these cameras are compatible with Google Asistant so is that not true?? When I ask google assistant to play or show backyard camera on display it states that streaming is not possible and device is not connected?? Can anyone suggests how to do this please


Thanks for reply, but I’ve tried saying stream, play, show ( device name) but google assistant still won’t show anything. Getting frustrated… any other ideas community?

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Also having this issue, however the cameras were streaming fine, for a week, up until yesterday. Suddenly I cannot stream my indoor cams, which I bought to replace my Wyze cameras with the same issue. If these manufacturers are going to sell us on Google home integration, it should work.

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Not just me then? come on eufy need someone from the company to take some ownership of this major issue and essentially marketing lies and fix this immediately. I am pretty sure that at least 50% of purchasers did so because of the claim that it is a google home compatible offering and to just ignore the issue and provide no guidance or support is totally unacceptable… I would like some guidance from eufy here and not have to rely on the trial and error attempts of well meaning contributors to this forum. Feel like I have been cheated and taken for a ride here at the moment.


I have had my cameras for a month now and it only streamed once when I first set it up. That is the very reason I chose these cameras.
Looking at the list of devices listed in the Google home app eufy isn’t listed as compatible security cameras that you can stream video.
So Eufy basically LIED!!!