SteveDOES from YouTube reviews the Eufy wireless battery doorbell

He’s a big reviewer of smart home equipment!

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Kinda wanted to see him compare it to the 2k variant like lifehackster did for the eufycam 2[c] (Pro).
Nevertheless nice to see the WiFi chime. So it acts like a homebase, as you can also hook the doorbell up to a real homebase.

None of these reviewers use the Eufy products long enough to see where they fall short. At least Steve didn’t
do what all the other reviewers did and rave how quick and precise the notifications are.
Motion detection and notifications may be rock solid at time of recording but just wait. Reviewers are also so blinded by these doorbells not having monthly fees, they fail to mention the other basic smart home integration that they lack. They also never mention that even though these doorbells don’t have a monthly fee, that they 110% rely on the cloud for every aspect of their operation.

I’ll stop ranting like a lunatic now.

Good evening @elox, FYI the doorbells and cameras actually process everything locally and not on the cloud.


They process everything locally, except for logging into the cams and viewing them. That all requires the cloud.