Status LED re-enabling itself on all "Indoor Cam 2k" Cameras

In the past 3 days for the second time, just shortly after 1:00 AM MST, the bright blue Status LED light re-enables itself. Two of my 6 cameras are in children’s rooms, and I believe it may be affecting their sleep. I see in the app that the HomeKit update was pushed out on Saturday 7-11-2020 at the same time where my footage skips for about 4 minutes, with the blue LED illuminated. There have been no further updates pushed to my camera’s since 7-11-2020, yet this morning (7-13-2020) I awoke to the blue Status LED’s illuminated yet again.

I’m going to have to resort to black tape on my cameras until Eufy can correct this. Hopefully in future releases, the camera’s settings that have been customized by the user are not overridden. Seems like a simple ask, no?

This is affecting both the “Indoor Cam 2K” stationary and PTZ models.


Do you have this camera added into HomeKit?

If so, you need to get to the camera’s settings in HomeKit and disable the Status LED for that Camera.

HomeKit settings will tend to override Eufy App settings.

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Nope, I am not using HomeKit at all. I checked the app just to be sure nothing was setup there. No devices are setup.

I have noticed this on power outages. If you lose power, even briefly, the status light resets to default.

I have at least two other devices in my home that tell me when they’ve restarted due to a power outage. They have not done so. I’ve had these cameras for over a month now, and this only started happening after the HomeKit update was pushed on Saturday.

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I noticed similar. No power outages but LEDs are being toggled back on. Happened twice now.


Same here but noticed that each time this occurred a new firmware was pushed to them. I would like to have control if and when new firmware is pushed to me system. The last firmware prompted me after the fact that I need to reformat the memory card and I lost all past recording.

This is so annoying. I know i can put the black tape over it but …come on…It turns on by itself around mid night. If you restart the camera or power lost, it will also turn back on again.

The blasted light comes on hours, sometimes minutes, after I turn it off in the phone app. The camera is not connected to anything but WiFi. This needs to be fixed or the camera are going back.


Same on my side. LED turns on in the Night, it happend 3 Times in the last 5 Days. Also it turns on when i reboot the cam. To get it off again i have to switch off und on the Status-LED Switch in the App.

I have two of the indoor cameras and I’m having the same problem! I’m not using Homekit. The Status LED setting keeps re-enabling itself the next day after I disable it. The outdoor cameras remember their Status LED settings.

I found the following posting on Reddit:

2 days ago

I contacted eufy support and they said the dev team knows about this issue and it should be resolved in the next firmware update. The ETA they gave me was “1-2 weeks”


I am having the same issue, it is very annoying having to turn if off every time the LED light comes back on, both with the indoor cam and pan & tilt. Eufy please fix this issue!

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Same issue. This is very very annoying! Ok it’s been at least a week since the “ETA”. Now what? Same with the Windows app and Homebase usb support timelines?