Static noise eufy indoor can 2k

Hi, I noticed that my indoor 2k cam is no longer recording and playing audio. Instead I’m getting static noise on ios and android. In 2 way audio the microphone is not working. I tried these steps… restarted the camera, formatted the SD card and reset and reconnect camera to WiFi but issue is still present. I also have 2 x eufy cam pro on the same network that works fine. My eufy indoor 2k cam is on firmware version


Same with outdoor cam. Been waiting for over 2 months and no fix yet

Same. but very light noise.
you needbto submit log.

Same…. Outdoor c24. Or whatever they are calling it these days. Garbled

I have 2 Outdoor C24 about 2 years old. Recorded audio sounds fine and also two-way communication sound is clear.

System version:

I am using an old…App version:

Possibly this is why the audio is fine? Though I doubt it. I can’t see it hindering the sound quality. But you never know maybe the apps audio codecs are faulty at processing that specific cameras audio or the camera is NG.
How is the audio when you have downloaded it to your phone and then play it afterwards?
The only issue I have is that one of the C24 doesn’t always send me a notification that it has detected motion…

The same. I have 2 c24 and 1 c22. (All purchased the day they were available for sale) All 3 had the same reaction to an update at some point. My firmware and apps are all up to date. Low priority for me but hope they fix it at some point.

Recorded audio sounds very noisy/static noise. I’m on latest software version and camera firmware is on version

Does anyone knows how to downgrade firmware manually? I highly suspect the new firmware is causing microphone noise issues

I have exact same problem. Is there any solution?

Same here, no sound only static noise when live viewing and recording playback. I have an indoor pan and tilt P24 camera. Firmware


Hi, I have two P24 with firmware one of them in not recording audio sadly its the older one which is out of warranty. Anybody from eufy can help in resolving this problem?

Anyone got an answer or fix for this issue. Please let me know.

I think they have done some work. The issue seems to be resolved.

P24 pan and tilt camera still no audio. No firmware update.

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I haven’t had a firmware update since April 14th

My camera has suddenly resolved itself (detecting audio). There has been no firmware update, still on All that has happened is I disconnected the camera from the power supply for a few hours to decorate and reconnected it.

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Update: static noise has returned. Have since switched off power for a few hours (like before) and powered back on but the static noise is still present. Still no firmware update. It seems that Eufy clearly do not monitor this community and respond to bug or technical issues. This is the second time there has been sound issues due to a firmware update since purchasing this camera two years ago. The previous issue took 6 months to be resolved which is totally unacceptable considering they “specialise” in security devices.

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Further update: decided to remove camera from app and reinstall. A new firmware was installed. Static was still present. Rebooted devices, static had gone tho now sound is not very loud.
This is still unacceptable Eufy. Get your act together and sort this problem.


Same issue here with the Indoor 2K pan and tilt, buzzing sound coming from the microphone when I listen to live cam on the eufy app and Google home or when watching a recording.
On firmware here been doing that for the last few months.

Let’s hope Eufy can fix this. Always been a big fan of Anker products.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I eventually submitted a bug report to Eufy and Im sorry to say that they are not at all interested. Their first response was that they have not had any other reports of this and immediately came to the conclusion that it must be a hardware failure even though I tried to argue that it only happened when there was a firmware update but they were still not interested, not even suggested or took up my suggestion of a downgrade to a previous firmware. This cam was my first experience with Eufy with the intention to replace all my Ring cameras to Eufy, however with the poor and unresponsive experience I would not recommend Eufy products to anyone. This cam only lasted two years and within that period I experienced this problem twice, once previously was rectified with a firmware update that took 6 months to resolve and then this latest time. I still have this cam operating in the hope that it will eventually be resolved with a firmware update… but I wont be holding my breath!

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