Start recording sooner?

I’m new to Eufy Security and just installed a SoloCam E40.

With my existing setup using DS Cam I am able to tell the system to capture the previous xx seconds before an event which makes sure to capture the approach of a person.

Is there a similar setting for Eufy Security? I’m finding I’m losing several seconds at the beginning of an event which often means missing important details, maybe even the person’s face.

How should this be possible? This would mean that the camera need to record 24/7 and they keep only the stuff recorded 5 seconds before the event and the defined duration after the event. Like nvidia shadow play.
This doesn’t fit to a battery powered cam

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I’m not an expert in this area so I can’t say. Perhaps the answer is that it is a limitation of the technology.

Perhaps there are tweaks I can make to improve the scenario? I’m open to any suggestions. I’m also finding the recording shuts off faster than I’d like. Essentially I don’t find it’s recording enough of the event. I’m looking for tips to optimize that.

Well you could use some sensors which are out side of the regular detection area of the camera which trigger the recording on the camera so then it starts recording before it detects the motion itself

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Ok, that’s helpful. I assume I may be able to do something like this via SmartThings or Alexa? I do have a contact sensor on the gate I may use.

I’m also testing using all motion and not human.

Arlo cameras have this feature somehow. It’s a couple seconds. I think they call it “look back” but yeah I’m not sure how it works, maybe it’s a gimmick. If the camera isn’t recording, how’s it able to get a few seconds of video prior to triggering it to record?

I’m guessing they buffer a few seconds at all times?

Motion is now picking up more, but it’s picking up a ton of activity way outside the Motion Zone.

I’ve turned down the sensitivity to 3, about to try 2. Any other ideas on tweaking the motion detection?

Agreed, I’m having the same issue with things detected outside of the Motion zones also. I’ve resized my motion zones and also changed the sensitivity and they still keep getting triggered. For example my front door, I have the detection zone covering my door and part of my front yard but when a car drives by I get a notification of movement even though the object is outside of the detection zone.

so the wired doorbell, has that pre 3 second tech, but isn’t compatible with the Homebase 2
you can hardwire the 2k battery doorbell (which I have done), but it doesn’t have the pre 3 second tech. why don’t they make something to do both? Size is an issue that was brought up, but my battery doorbell is already huge, make it bigger, get rid of the LED that nobody cares about anyway. also, put in whatever it takes to get REAL TIME notification and communication. people have either given up, or stollen my packages by the time I get a notification.