Stand-alone siren

I’d like a better quality (sound and volume) stand alone siren so I can alarm but not draw intruder attention to hub.


There is a siren in the works, I don’t have an eta on when we will see it but they did say one is coming


I’ll definitely buy one once available


Hi, do you know if this will be for outdoor or indoor ?

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It would be great to see a model that can be used both indoor and outdoor!


I am currently unsure if the siren is just for indoors or outdoors, I asked the devs and am waiting to hear back from them. So as soon as I know you guys will too.


Any update on the Sirene? Any ETA? @AnkerSupport


I thought a smoke alarm would be a good product as it could also double as an indoor siren, but yet any indoor or outdoor siren would be of interest to me. Currently the only way I can see to have a “repeater” siren (i.e. in addition to the homebase) would be to use loads of cameras and the automation function? Annoyingly the one camera I do have is the floodlight cam which doesnt connect to the homebase. This is a shame as it would make a great outdoor siren!

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I installed the wifi bridge for my smart touch lock and noticed in the settings for siren volume. The sound is much louder and better quality than the homebase 2. I reached out to eufy support and they said unfortunately the alarm system can’t be linked to the bridge.

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Still waiting for an update. No date as of yet, I spoke to support and they advised to keep an eye on the website… maybe next year.

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Thank you. I was also considering this as another siren. The only other thing I can think of is the add-on door chimes. You can add 4 to a basestation and they will sound the alarm if triggered but you need a doorbell for them to work and I can’t find any details on how loud they are. I’m hesitant to invest more money after being conned by the mouse’s fart of a siren on the homebase…

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