Special ghost voice for the wireless doorbell in the latest Eufy Security app for Halloween!

Download the latest Eufy Security app if you have not already to take advantage of the fun special ghost voice for the wireless doorbell!!!

:jack_o_lantern: :ghost:


Are there any instructions on how to use them? I have the wired and the original battery doorbell and am not seeing any options for this.


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Yes how do you enable said function I can’t find it in app either. :frowning:

I updated the app but cant see where to add the halloween sounds either

Tell me please, where is the button to turn this on ?

I’m not sure, but I think this is only available for the battery doorbell.

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@Nick_Peters @reinholdhartwich @parenteau.r @Austen1 @Hawkster

The Halloween voices are available for both the wired and battery powered wireless doorbells.

Follow the picture that Hawkster sent starting at #2

Still I can’t find it.

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I get it, thank you…

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Hello everyone, I just checked this with the eufy staff and the Halloween feature is for US only.

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Ahm, I am from Germany and it works well…
So just do the steps from Hawkster (posting #6).

It is literally what I’ve been told. Do you perhaps have your system language set to US English?

No, I just us german language and german country settings in the phone moreover the “Halloween Campaign” are fully in german…

EDIT: But why you don`t try to change the language and the country of your phone ?

Because maybe when dispatching this message, they looked at the locale and don’t send it out again. So changing it afterward would have no effect

Can you set up so when doorbell is pressed it Automatically does the response?

Quite disappointing it’s only available in US. Like there’s some difference between a evil laugh in English, Dutch or German…

I owned a ring doorbell before and the effects were sick with Halloween when you combined it with sound and philips Hue by IFTTT. Video quality of the Eufy is much better, but this is a bummer.

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Hi all,

To whom that doesn’t got the app update (i.e. not living in USA :sweat_smile:)

I’ve tried to find a way to add myself Halloween quick answers… and achieved it :grin::sunglasses:.

I’ve downloaded for free an evil laugh sound from a website (Google is your best friend). I’ve then launched it in repeat mode on my phone and recorded it (starting and stopping at right time) as a new quick reply in the Eufy app…

Enjoy :wink:


That’s a great idea!

There’s a new post in the message part of the app about the Halloween voices.

They all loaded on my wired doorbell and sound great!

Still nothing in my app (France)… at least if @AnkerSupport an consider to allow an audio file upload instead of recording for the quick answer then it may allow everybody to do what ever he wants :slightly_smiling_face:

In Holland we dont have it either , no message in the app and can’t find anything

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