Sound cuts in & out

When viewing live on my iPhone the sound cuts in and out. It used to be steady audio and dependable. The unit is not a year old yet. It’s a T8210 doorbell on a hardwired connection and a Homebase 2. Thanks

Mine also does this but when downloaded to the phone the sound is fine.

I have exactly the same issues with my two indoor 2k camera (fix ant tilt). Sound cuts in & out only when playing recorded videos. All is fine in live or if I download the video on my iPhone. Seems an app issue. Please fix it

Hi i have the same problème when viewing live
But not when recording
How Can i fixe et please

Just installed it for the first time and have the sam issue. In live view the sound cuts in and out. Latest firmware and app version in Android. Phone s8 and tab s6 have the same issue. Please help. If I can’t fix it asap, i’ll return as it is still in the first days of my purchase

same problem here. In live view the sound stutters. You cannot have a conversation with the stuttering.
Tried everything (fresh install etc), but nothing has worked.

Need a solution quickly.

Same on all of mine as well. In and out live, saved, etc