Some Type Of IFTTT For Events

Would like to see the ability that if camera ‘A’ is triggered by an even to trigger other cameras as well to get a different perspective on what’s going on.

So for example, if I have 4 cameras and camera ‘B’ is triggered by an event to also active camera ‘C’ and ‘A’.


Very much this.

That’s available on the app

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What camera do you have?? I have Eufy Cam 2C with Homebase 2 and do it see this.

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I have the original Kickstarter system, only recently added

Ok. Eufy needs to add this to the Cam 2C and Eufy Cam 2! Also they need to add it to their upcoming cameras Eufy Cam 2 Pro and Eufy Cam 2C pro! As see in this forum: New Eufycam Pro


It’s on all systems as seen here

First report was on homebase E then original then homebase 2

May have to email support to get the last update, mine last updated on 14/04/20 so I’m guessing that’s when it was unlocked for me, no charge log so hard to tell

Just an update-- both my original HomeBase and the E have this feature enabled now, and both are on firmware If you aren’t seeing this feature, make sure you have the latest firmware!

Does the automation work with any of the Lumos lights? What would be cool is to flip on the lights if the camera detects a motion…

Nope, eufy have decided to only support Apple & automations are only for eufy security (sensors & cams) not even eufy sockets etc

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A vote here for IFTTT app support to be added. :+1: