SoloCam e40 not recording events

Have a SoloCam e40, think after the previous update it has stopped recording events.
Testing the motion detection, works 100%, live feed no problem etc. It will randomly record an event; for example if I walk passed the camera 50 times it might record one event.
Been onto eufy help, been through all the recommend steps including factory reset.
Nothing has helped, can’t find a way to roll back the firmware.

The help from eufy, sorry but I just feel ignored.

Basically I’m left with a product that’s just over 3 months old, which it unfit for purpose.
Bought for added security, I was well pleased up untill now. I’ll need to look at getting another cam somewhere, and wait for a refund, or replacement for this, although I don’t think a replacement will be much better.

I’m guessing no one works the weekend at eufy.

No replies to emails other that automated.

Has anyone have the same issues???


I have exactly the same issue…couldn’t have worded this any better…
Wasted a LOT of time checking wireless network…cables…connections…and thenlist goes on…
Was working perfectly prior to this, even had recommended this camera to a few friends…
Here is hoping I don’t lose my credibility…smile…
Come on eufy…give us support…

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i also have e40 cam and after latest update it stopped recording motions. I wrote to EUFY, here is their answer :

“If the camera is missing events or having delayed recording:

–Increase the sensitivity level, and delete the Activity Zone/Ignored Zone to see if there is any difference:Camera Settings>Motion detection;

–For eufyCam 2/2C/2Pro/2C Pro/2K battery Doorbell, please try the All Motion Detection Type; For indoorCam, please select all the motion detection types, including Person, pet and All other motions:Camera settings>Motion detection

–For battery-powered cameras, please change to customized recording camera working mode with 5s retriggering intervals: Camera Settings>Power Manager”

I tried everything written above, nothing. Still waiting for new update…until then, my cam is almost useless.

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My new floodlight camera stated not detecting motion yesterday evening. Makes me wonder if there was a firmware update pushed.
Also not recording.

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I have also exactly the same problem since the new firmware release. Hope there is a bugfix soon. Very disappointing.


I just bought 2 e40 and of course out the box it saids do firmwear update and I did and it picks up no motion and no notification to me either


I have exactly the same Problem with the E20 and 2x E40.

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Just been advised to try the latest firmware update out today have updated and will see if it’s fixed. I did my first walk in front of the camera and got an instant notification so I’m hopeful!!!

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The latest firmware my S40 found is 1.0.64 ?

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Mines an e model so hopefully s won’t be far behind. Might be worth pushing eufy!

95% sure all the recording issues have been fixed and it’s back to working correctly. I’ve had it record multiple events in the last few hours and send notifications just like it was before the issues started.

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