Solocam E40 not Charging enough

My battery charges every day and it’s not getting past 30%.

I’m having the same issue with one of my cameras

I contacted eufy support and they said this, “ In your case, could you please stay on the sidelines? The battery level of eufyCam will continue to rise in a long period of time.

Not sure that’s working on mine. I brought the camera inside and charged it fully and then I put it back outside. Also I moved it to a spot that should get even more sun light. This doesn’t seem to have done anything. It charges for hours during the day and still is loosing charge.

E40? Or S40?

Solar panel?

I have the S40 Looks like I need to call eufy. My camera loses charge everyday despite it saying it’s charging. It never goes up. Frustrating

Ok…. Confusion cleared. I thought this camera was the worst idea ever conceived. To make these cams work even sort of ok. Location and cam direction and a simple tilt can make all the difference in reliability. Then the panel need its own setting and adjustments. You can’t have both.

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I am having the same problem with my S40. Charges to 30%, but never any more. There is little recording happing, with no use of the light. In a couple of evenings the camera has shut down due to low battery.

Has anyone found a fix or can state what is normal?

Anyone get info on this? I’m experiencing similar charging problem. My cam is in direct sun several hours a day.