Solar panel question

Question about the solar panel. Does it only supply power to 1 camera at a time or can 2 or more camera be plugged to 1 solar panel unit?


You could probably power/charge 2 cameras, but the power cable that comes with the solar panel as is, only has one output plug. If you could find a weatherproof splitter that plugs into that one output that feeds to two outputs. I think it would work…

Unless you have sunlight all day every day I wouldn’t try to use 2 cams from one panel. The panels only output 2.7 watts, which is usually adequate for 1 camera, but not always. It won’t be enough for 2 cams. You can get higher rated panels, but the danger there is overcharging, which will damage the lithium batteries in the cams. The Eufy panel will cycle charging to avoid overcharging, but third-party panels just put out everything all the time, which will damage your cells.