Solar panel not charging?

Have followed the instructions but nothing seems to be happening, yes I have switched to solar panel instead of battery it’s been two hrs & showing charge increase help appreciated tia mark :smiley_cat:

If it’s sunny and the app shows the solar/charging panel icon and the blue light on the camera, I suggest waiting a bit longer. It may take some time for the percentage to go up.

Many thanks for advice, mark :smiley_cat:

Same problem Eufy 2c Using eufy solar panel with 5 hrs direct sun, no clouds, battery level did not change.

I’m having this issue as well. Panel has not appeared to charge the camera at all, battery keeps declining over several days with panel attached and battery source identified as the panel. I’ve unplugged everything and re-plugged in case of connection issues and pressed sync. The battery is down to two bars.

Get a USB voltmeter and insert it between panel and camera. It should tell you if there is 5 volts and current to charge battery. They can be had for less than $10 US and are a great troubleshooting tool.

Also, the output of the panel should not exceed 6-7 volts or the camera won’t allow it to charge the battery. Some 3rd-party panels go up to 12 - 15 VDC and they have too high a voltage and are cut off from charging so they wont kill the battery.

Make sure to get a USB voltmeter that will accept the correct connections from the panel to charger.