Solar Panel For Eufy Cameras

Hello Eufy!! You need a Solar Panel that works with all of your cameras!! This would be very nice so that your camera batteries can stay charged up and you don’t have to worry about recharging the batteries.


Hey @jls4wheeler,

The solar panel is a great idea, we will pass on this information to our product team.

Thanks again for all your inputs! Have a nice day.


Hey, @AnkerSupport when do you plan to release the solar panel?


I would like to know that as well

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Weatherproof Solar Panel for Indoor/Outdoor Battery Powered Security Camera, Solar Panel Power Supply for ViewZone Wireless Security Camera, 5V 1A Micro USB Port, Adjustable Mounting Bracket

That is what I am using for three eufycam 2’s. It was $26 at the time. 5v 1A. If you purchase it make sure you also purchase better 1/4 thumb nuts for the mounts.

20 Thumb Nuts 1/4-20 x 1 Inch Wide Knurled Plastic Head Thumb Nuts - Made in USA

The ones included with solar panel mounts are made entirely out of cheap plastic and will strip easily.


We are working on that, please look forward!


This is definitely a great idea. Hopefully it will be here soon!

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To anyone who is using an aftermarket solution to do this already, I had read elsewhere that the cameras weren’t meant to be constantly receiving power, and this could impact the battery life. What are your experiences?

The idea to eventually have a Eufy solution would be preferable.


I have a solar panel that is an Arlo solar panel (I originally had Arlo pro camera’s & changed to eufycam’s) and it only periodically charges the camera and doesn’t keep it charged. I originally connected it in the middle of December and had to recharge the camera today 12/5/20. The camera consistently loses battery even when not iarmed. I’m not sure if the panel has enough to power the Eufycam . I use it because it’s already mounted and is to high for me to assess. Hope this helps.

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Another request here for a solar panel for the 2C camera!


@Mengdi @AnkerSupport @eufy_official can we get an update on a solar panel?

Can’t beat these. I use them all four corners of house. Slip nicely under roof tiles and plenty of power. 20 bucks each. 100% battery all the time.

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But when you use solar power and it keeps charging , how does it effect the battery life ? Because I got 2 EufyCam 2 , and they say you can charge them up to 30 Times …

These panels have “Intelligent Charge Controller” on board and do not cook or overcharge. In use for 45 days so far, always at 100% with heavy family use. Will report any degradation. Price went up on panels though I noticed. :slightly_frowning_face:

If/when this happens, it’d be ace if you could then reduce the motion detect trigger period (which I guess is set to otherwise save battery) before the camera kicks out of standby and starts recording… so you can get more of the start of an event.


I’m not sure how much priority this has over other stuff but you are losing a big market as the day pass. Demand is there … I would spend money on solar panels over any casing. If 3rd parties come with a solution you have already lost that costumer.


Hey @Home3640 What do you mean exactly by slide them under roof tiles?

Can you also provide a picture? It would be really helpful! Thanks.

I bought 2 panels from different manufacturers, one of them Reolink, but none works correctly. Please give the instructions with pictures, what and where to repay in Reolink. Thanks.

Any updates here? The charge on my street facing camera lasts roughly 30 days, that’s kind of ridiculous. I’ve been holding off on deploying my own solution because I prefer Eufy developing something mean for our cameras. Any update on the progress will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Mengdi!!

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