So, I have a message from Eufy to say that the Firmware needs to be updated

Today when I was checking my Garden Floodlight cam I noticed I had a message. Clicked and read and it said that the lasted Firmware had been updated and I needed to go to the Apple store to down load this lasted Firmware. So I checked in the Settings of my app and it said my Firmware was up to date. I noticed that my “up to date “ was not the same as the one shown in the message?
Im new to Eufy having only installed this Floodlight camera in the last couple of weeks. So I ask, is it normal to have to revisit Apple to update an app? I’ve never needed to do this with other manufacturers products.

That’s a weird issue. Hopefully you won’t see it again

It’s never happened to me. That’s weird

@LondonladThat doesn’t make sense! So you mean that the floodlight updated over night to a new firmware? Then you say you need to go to the Apple store and download new firmware?! I think you mean " Go to the App Store and download the newest App"? Hope all is safe :v:t2:

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Hey guys! @Londonlad @ikari04warrior @LlewellynPhotography @jls4wheeler

Sorry for the confusion caused.

The reminder is from the eufy Security App, and our product team suggests our user upgrade the App(not firmware) to the latest version V1.6.9.

Hereby attached the screenshot as the reference.

So sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please keep us updated if you have any further concerns.

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Thank for posting Anker Support. It’s very obvious that I’m not a tech type and found the message a bit strange. So are you saying I need to remove the app I have and reinstall this newer app…just to be clear.

@Londonlad No just do an app update from the App Store,

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Much appreciated Llewelyn
I really need to up my skills!

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