So about that 2k pro battery cam

“TLDR; when you download event recordings, they’re only 1080p, not 2K. It only records 2K when you record from the live feed, and even then it’s only 2K if the recording is under 15 seconds. If it’s longer than that, it changes to 1080p. The camera settings were set to 2K recording. This doesn’t happen with Eufy’s indoor 2K cams”


Thanks for the post. @Lifehackster thanks for the video and research!

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In updated comments to the video dated 7/29 @Lifehackster cliams that an updated firmware for the Base Station 2 fixes the problem. Someone else in the Eufycam subreddit says Eufy support pushed out a firmware to his base station that was supposed to fix it, but it didn’t. Mine is still only 1080p, and my firmware is, and it says my firmware is up to date.


I think the indoor 2k cam does the same…

I just installed the 2Pro2K and it also says up to date but only on fw Where is the newer fw When can we expect an update?

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Eufy support pushed firmware to my HomeBase 2, but I’m still only getting 1080 video from all of my eufyCam 2 Pro when I download them from the Events tab. I’ve turned the cameras off and on, toggled their video settings to 1080 and back to 2K. I’ve restarted the HomeBase and even unplugged it for a minute. Nothing short of a complete factory reset has worked. If I’ve got to take all those cameras down to attempt a reset that may not work, I might as well return them all for a refund.

I don’t understand why this is supposed to be fixed by a firmware update for the HomeBase, rather than the camera itself. Maybe the camera is sending 2K video to the base, but the base is scaling it down when it saves it to the internal storage. I don’t know.

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First- All of my 2pro2k cameras were recording to the cloud, but only in 1080p (even with the option set to 2k). Battery doorbell 2k does not back up to cloud at all. Indoor pan/tilt cam DOES backup to cloud in 2k.

Then- None of my 2pro2k cameras were backing up to the cloud at all. Recording was set to 2k at this time. Still no Battery 2k doorbell cloud storage at all. Indoor 2k pan/tilt still backed up in 2k.

Now- update to homebase2. The recording quality option for the 2pro2k is on 2k, it will store locally in 2k, but will not cloud store at all. However, after opening the recording quality option, it forces a switch to 1080p with the 2k option grayed out and a message “Since you have enabled NAS or subscribed to cloud storage, recording will only support 1080P Full HD.” Now it will cloud store and local store in 1080p with no 2k possible at all. Still no battery 2k cloud storage at all. Indoor pan/tilt 2k still backs up in 2k.

It seems they do not want 2k recordings going to the cloud for 2pro2k or the 2k doorbell. Except why then be okay with 2k indoor camera cloud storage? Why bother purchasing the 2pro2k camera or cloud storage in this case?


Yeah because similar to what the nests systems do. The uploads of those clips bogs your internet usage down heavily. So imagine a 2K file being uploaded is like trying to
Push a semi into a cloud server vs a F150 pickup of 1080. Simple answer they just don’t give a huge pile of :poop:.

A lot do the features are also not accessible if you got the HK etc. An the conversion is in the software programming of the source code.

But the silly part is that my 2k indoor pan/tilt cameras back up to their cloud storage in 2k resolution. They don’t get converted to 1080p. They don’t go through the homebase2 though. They are straight to my wifi.

Have you tried downloading the clips from the cloud? Our perhaps they modified the firmware to not convert the compression.

Good day all, I am currently looking at the 2kpro and whilst I read alot about the 2k issues, all the information is a few months old. Has this been resolved?
If I buy a kit today for 400 bucks with what I can see as being the homekit will this have issues with 2k? Have to agree that there is no point in this system if it won’t save to 2k and my 1080p floodlight cam is very grainy so better resolution is a must on recordings

To be honest, I have 1 eufycam 2 pro, and have no issues at all. Works just as well as the eufycam 2’s.
When I download a recording, its resolution is 2304x1296, so better than 1080p.

Your last statement is not necessarily true, the overall image quality is usually better even if processed to a lower resolution. This is because of the upgraded sensor, its just better than the eufycam 2’s

@John0 is the Pro similar to indoor cam when connected to Homekit (reduce to 1080p)? or Does it allow to stream and record in 2K?

HomeKit does only 1080p

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Don’t know I did not know this was about Apple homekit.

Thanks @LlewellynPhotography for confirming… was wondering if it was any different with eufycam or same as indoorcam.
So is it just with eufy cameras or anycamera linked to Homekit will only have 1080P?

All cameras not tied just to Eufy! Arlo, Logitech, etc. are all stepped down no matter what. From what Im hearing though Apple is working on next release of iOS 15 next year allowing the 2k support.

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