Snooze Button for turning off the camera

In an effort to save the battery/memory as well as remembering to turn it back on, would it be possible to have a snooze option to turn the camera on/off and not just the notifications.


This is called the disarmed mode.

Not quite. I’m saying disarm for a set period of time so I don’t have to remember to turn it back on. They have a snooze button for the notifications but it still records and uses up the battery.


Disarmed mode is also all cameras.
I frequently find myself turning off a camera entirely if I go outside at night (in a scheduled high security time).

Snooze more than just notifications would be nice.


This is what I thought it was actually doing at first, until I realized I was draining the camera the next day!

Had a bunch of people over and needless to say, there was hours of recordings taking place without my knowledge. I thought it was snoozing the device itself - nope! Snooze would be great for the camera itself (actually preferred!) because when I need/want recordings, I also want to be notified!

Our phones already have a notification silence capability…


There are 2 fabulous modes I love. Custom, I made a disarm backyard mode and set it up to shut off cameras in the back yard and leave all of the rest of the cameras on and then I made a schedule mode that turned to disarm backyard cameras off at 8AM and back on at 8 p.m. peace on my deck while the rest of the house is protected. love it


To answer your question. Yes each camera has a turn off camera button and a turn off motion detection button in the app settings for the camera you want off

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Still isn’t what I’m talking about. I understand there are buttons to turn them off. I’m talking about a snooze button that turns them off. Snoozing meaning a set amount of time (not schedule) I can pick that after 1,2, 4, or 6 hrs it will turn back on without me going into the app to do so.

Anything other than a snooze button is a 2 step deal where you pick the setup/schedule and then you have to change it back compared to a snooze that is pick the amount of time and individual cameras you want to stop working then forget about it. They turn back on and require no action from me.


I understand completely what you mean, that would certainly be a good feature… I’m always worried if I disarm I’ll forget to turn back on. Sometimes I know I’ll be in the garden for a couple of hours and don’t want to drain battery life, but also don’t want it to slip my mind that I’ve disarmed. Snooze (camera shut off, not just notifications shut off) feature would solve this nicely.


I would love this feature. I’m always forgetting to turn cameras back on if I turn them off while cutting the grass or having people over. The snooze function should not just snooze the notifications but it should also snooze the cam itself from recording. I originally thought that this was what happened while snoozing.


Hi !
I had the same issues about this Snooze Function… First time I´ve tried out we had a BBQ in my garden and didn´t want the Cams to record…so I used Snooze for 6hrs and later in the evening I saw 65 Events recorded… For my understanding of “Snooze” it´s also the Record-Function not only Alerts. Just disarming resolves most of the user to forget to switch it back to Rec-Mode… IMHO
Hope that will soon be fixed… maybe by widgets would be awesome :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany,

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Count me in, I NEED this new Snooze, I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to turn my cameras back on.


Yep, I am in as well! Current snooze solution is a joke :joy:

Same here. I use the snooze to avoid the annoying bleeps bloops and bings when I’m going to be working on the yard because all that is not wanted as I’m listening to music on my phone. But then I have to go back and delete all the recorded events.
Count me in for a true snooze that stops recording.

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+1 would like more snooze functionality.

I usually snooze when I mow the lawn and then I check my phone today and didn’t realize it just snooze notifications… I wanted to snooze recording so I don’t drain the battery recording me mow my lawn haha. I guess for now I’ll settle with disarm, but the snooze is quicker to access and like others have said, it will automatically turn on after a set duration rather than relying on the user to turn it back on.


Count me in for this also

+1 for snoozing recordings not just notifications

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@Yanyee1 @Mengdi Any chance we can have this feature added?

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I work as a software product manager at a large consumer focused company. This seems like such a simple feature to add with a huge benefit to your users who (i) don’t want to drain their batteries with hundreds of useless recordings OR (ii) forget to reactivate their cameras if they turn them off, and an incident occurs… no recording :frowning:
This is truly a “big bang for the buck” feature with a high ROI.

@AnkerSupport any thought on possible add on?

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