Snooze all cameras at once button

My son likes to run around the yard, which means I have to snooze 3 cameras and the doorbell individually. I’d love a button to turn off notifications on all devices for 30 minutes or 1 hour rather than selecting it on all 4 devices individually. Or even better, let us group devices to snooze as a group.



Why can you not group devices!!


++ this. Whenever someone is working in the yard I need to go through each camera and the door bell to snooze. Very painful. The new UI actually requires an additional click - so it’s now worse not better. This is the main thing I want improved.

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Under the hood, snoozing (or any operation) is a web API call, so even if it would be too difficult to have a ‘master’ button, opening up their API to Google Assistant, Alexa Skills, Microsoft PowerAutomate, IFTTT, etc, that would allow the feature with little/no effort for the Eufy developers (or it shouldn’t be?).

I completely second this. How stupid can it get?Add a feature to move all cameras/homebases of a location and or account into a specific security mode - home, away, disarmed, custom TOGETHER - - one click not 5 clicks per device!

This is a very reasonable request which doesn’t require any firmware changes, just a small UI design change that has the customer in mind.

I’m following this thread now since I thought about this option as well just the other day when I had to disarm a few cameras at once. This should be an easy fix to have the option within the app or even allowing the user to KILL the connection for the entire group/home. It allows you to add additional homes and manage them individually. You would think you could shut down or turn on each entire home at once.