Smoke Detector & Siren & Chime in 1

Now that would be awesome, wouldnt it?!

So this is a hardware wishlist item that expands the Eufy ecosystem, making it even more of a no brainer! By then also combining it with 1 much needed function; extra sound/volume for the alarm/doorbell, i would buy it for sure!

Who else would?


Yeah sounds great!!!

Yes I would, I had the same idea for a smoke alarm/siren but hadnt thought of the chime.

I think it could also work as a range extender for the alarm system as well.

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+1! The smart smoke alarm market is quite limited, and so is the smart siren market. A two in one product in the Eufy ecosystem would be fantastic. However, for such a smoke alarm to be worthy, it would have to be able to create a wireless network with multiple (Eufy) smoke alarm units independent of Wifi and Homebase connectivity, so that all smoke alarm units can sound an alarm once smoke is detected by a single unit. To my knowledge, the FireAngel smoke alarms are the only high quality smoke detectors on the market that can do this in a reliable manner.

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