SmartTrack support for Google's new "Find My" device network (like Apple's, but much bigger!)

On May 10th, Google announced that their “Find My” device network would allow bluetooth trackers to be tracked by any Andoid device (just like AirTags), and already competitors Chipolo and Pebblebee have preorder pages for compatible devices coming mid-July.

I hope Eufy can release devices compatible with Google’s network for android too!

Now, third-party Bluetooth trackers for Android’s network are starting to arrive. The two companies that have announced products are Chipolo and Pebblebee, both of which seem to be cloning the Tile line of products. Both offer normal keychain tracker tags and slim credit card format trackers. The worst habits of Tile include making completely disposable products because the batteries can’t be changed, but it looks like our clones have mostly avoided that. All of Pebblebee’s Find My Device products are rechargeable, which is great, while the Chipolo keychain tracker has a replaceable CR2032 battery. Only the Chipolo wallet tracker is disposable (boo!).


Looks like a SmartTrack Link device has been registered with the FCC! Will it have support for Google’s new “Find My Device” network, and if so when can we pre-order!?

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Hopefully! Lots of Android users that arent able to use the existing track link and card.

The new Androd “Findy My Device” network has officially launched!

Now when will we see a [pre]order page for the new SmartTrack Link device(s)?

Official announcement says hitting the market in June!

Can we get a pre-order page up sooner please?

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Well i buy now. I want to belive arrive by fw update.
This device already there in google find my device landing page