Smart lock touch locks when door is open

Why does my smart lock touch locks when the door is wide open. It is supposed to know when it is closed. Did I set something up wrong.

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Its the autolock function, it does this automatically when set to auto lock after a set time. You can disable this within the app.

I’m having the same issue. My understanding is that the lock has a gyro and is supposed to be able to tell if the door is open or closed. Mine closes the deadbolt after the set time regardless of if the door is physically closed or open

Same issue here. Saw in another thread it locks after 5 minutes when left open to save battery. This defeats the purpose of auto lock.

Same issue here. Isn’t this lock supposed to be smart?

Yes I have the same issue with my eufty smart lock wifi touch they should make it integrated to the door sensor

Hey guys, do is there a solution to this?? Or something we need to configure???

Agreed this needs to be sorted out. Hope it gets solved in a firmware update