Smart lock touch an wifi

How do I connect the lock to my phone via Bluetooth?? Everytime I tried to pair it it ask for a pin. Or says I need the app. I have the app never got a pin??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:And yes I have switched my phone from 5g to 2.4 still won’t work​:unamused: getting so annoyed brand new installed last night. Also won’t stay online, I keep having to reconnect :exploding_head::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: not what I expected for the amount of money I spent

Try 0000 or 1234 for the PIN. Those are usually the default settings for these types of situations.

Thank you, I tried those. Still nothing I even restarted 3 times and went through the set up process about 4 times. Just not understanding why it won’t pair. Even tried 000000 and 00001234. Nothing :pensive: