Smart lock larger compatibility

Hello, the smart lock looks so nice! But only for the doors with deadbolt, so bad :frowning:
Does Euffy plan in the short term to release a version compatible with the doors without deadbolt?

We may see it in 2022 :slight_smile:

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:star_struck: :pray:

Hi Eufy !
I really hope you can make a smart lock for French door. A smart lock WiFi will be so great on my door and complement my eufy security system wonderfully ! :star_struck:
Otherwise, I’ll have no choice to install a Nuki system, but it means I’ll need to use second app my phone so… not convenient :weary:
So I hope you’ll give us good news soon !
And if you are looking for beta tester, I’m here ! :grin:

By the way, when you say “We may see it in 2022” does it mean you’ll think about it in 2022 or you’ll show a new product in 2022 ? :thinking: