Site improvement - navigation

I am finding a few additional site improvements to help improve naigation and user experience.

Menu tree- I think the current navigation tree is overwhelming based on my experiences and work. I mean just looking at it, you have 3 news on there and a new. You have a community to the community. Duplication of links everwhere.

I find a cleaner navigation tree helps to provide a better user experience. I would say delete the 2 multiple categories in the middle as you have have them on the bottom. Keep your top category as it has your top navigation as well as the new latest and unread section.

Since you do like you had different section for your query. So keeping that and title it query and keep all values to the diff query for different product. See picture. I also suggest on the query that you add a way for folks to filter the query section like you did on the menu.
Was this

Should look like this but without all the spaces. Lol

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