Silicone Camo Skins & Sun Glare/Rain Hoods - Accessories

I have to say that Arlo really up on you at the mo with their extensive range of Silicone Camo and other colour outer Skins accessories for their cameras. Eufy’s white cameras are far too easy to spot at the moment on any house, wall or building that doesn’t mount them on white Soffits.

I’d also like to suggest an accessory of a skin, or front attachment of a Sun Glare/Rain Hood to give the cameras a chance in the rain, or ultra sunny day when it’s in the wrong place in the sky for the camera and just blows the image out. Basically the equivalent of a Lens Hood on an SLR camera.


Make rain hood from 2 liter clear pop ( soda ) bottle … the styled type … shaped like 50’s 60’s coke bottle … cut it so the last curve provides the front lip and the part behind is somewhat flat … shape to Fall down on sides of cam2 and the top … secure with double side tame ( 3m thin ) cover with these new exterior slip-on’ s … the raised front lip channels the rain to the sides if angled down …

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