Silicon case for eufy cam 2c

I find this.

For the eufy cam 2c


Somebody’s got ahead of the game. A shame they left the Mounting Bracket white though, defeating the purpose.

But heah, it’s first-to-market, so kudos to the Chinese manufacturer.

Got 'em just now, 4 cases for eufycam 2.
Fit nicely and look better in my opinion!

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Now that it’s black do you think that it’ll overheat the electronics next Summer?

Eufy sells the same type of case. Protects against UV rays, it states:
eufy Security eufyCam 1 & 2 Skin (2-Pack)

We’ll see that it does. All except one of my cameras are in a shady place, so the case really camouflages it. If I get overheat warnings next summer, I’ll think of removing the case.
Given the fact that people have overheating doorbells in non constant sunlight exposure, and mine is in the sun for the first 8 hours after sunrise (in summer) without overheating, I think I’ll be fine or lucky.
For this winter at least: no one can spot the cams! :slight_smile:

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