Shortcuts for homescreen?

Soooooo… What would you think about giving us an arm/disarm shortcut so we can change security modes without going into the app??



Add a status indicator as well so we know which mode is currently in force.


Thank you for your feedback on this case.

We really appreciate you point out for this feature. You have our promise that our engineers would work day and night to improve this product and we are glad to have your support and understanding, which would be a huge encouragement for us to seeking continuous improvement.

We will consider the possibility of future development. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us

Thank you for your support. Have a lovely day.


Another vote for this :+1:


Some actions for Shortcuts would be really helpful…


And iOS Widgets! :grinning:


I really need this! Siri shortcuts for arm/dissarm!

Thank you and have a great year.

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Yes please. Triggers and actions in iOS shortcuts would make it a pretty complete smart home solution!

Or a widget for android would be awesome.

Yes! I use shortcuts all throughout the day to automate various things. This is the missing piece! I need a shortcut to change modes on my system. Or, I need a way to schedule Geofencing, so that I can use Geofencing to cover all of my non-sleeping times, and then turn on a “Sleep” mode when i actually go to bed that will turn on motion sensing and all of that. Ideally it would be tied to my Siri bedtime routine!

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hi Team, any update on Shortcusts, could not find any shortcuts to optimize the handling … would be great to further enhance automation…

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+1000000000000. If there will be no geofence+schedule tasker could be used to make it happen with shortcuts/intents.

I’m also waiting for this feauture. It has been raised more than a year ago. Any updates Eufy???
This is really a big miss…

Or home screen widget, please

Another vote - iOS widgets and Shortcuts