Sharing device access to recorded videos

Hello, I have shared my eufycam access to my wife. She has full admin privileges. However, on her app, there is no access to recorded videos. Just live, snooze and settings. On my app, I have an additional button to pull up previously recorded videos. We are both using the iOS app on iphones. Is there something I need to do to grant her access to recorded videos?

Thanks in advance for any assistance,


I don’t have IOS but the Android app has the same type of configuration. Only the Primary admin has the numbered box next to setup to view events. All other users don’t have this box. Anyone else, even other admins, has to view recorded clips by using the Events tab at the bottom of the page. It’s there, its just different for the person who owns the account.

Maybe they did it this way so that you have a visual indicator that you are using the Primary account. You can easily get into trouble by doing the wrong things with this account.