Share camera with wife

What is the best way to share a floodlight camera with wife who stays with me
I know we both download app but does she register with her own email/pass and is there some way to link account
We are in uk

Should say camera is already up and working so hope she does not have to scan any code

Ok found it i think

Hi mate,

I used to share that way, but it makes it too hard for the wife to check events. As the main account holder you get a small box advising number of events in the bottom right corner of the screen, invited users don’t get that and have to go to the events tab to review events.

If you only have one or two cameras that’s not too bad, but if like me you have 16, it’s a pain in the rear.

So if she needs the same event access as you have, just download the app, log her out and log in using your details and she will have the same access and screen vision as you.

I hope this helps, regards from the biggest British Colony… Down Under!!!

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Thanks never knew you could log in on multiple devices at same time.

Also it would mean she gets settings already set up like no alarm etc etc without me having to do it.

Yup. You’re welcome. Good luck.

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