Setup in rental property

Hello all. First time post because I couldn’t find a previous thread.

I’m looking to setup a few cameras and doorbell in a rental property for my tenants. I’m in Australia and wondering if there are any issues with doing such a thing. I’m worried about handing over and back to the tenants. Perhaps also any legal issues with the recorded data. If it is possible to secure wipe after a tenant leaves and I’m sure there are possibly 100 other things I have not thought about. So I open Pandora’s box and ask the community what you guys think the pros and cons of this plan might be.

The plan is to use Homebase only and once handed over I would have to be removed from the installation. I’m not sure how easy that might be. Sounds straight forward I think…

So just to make sure I’m understanding correctly…you want to setup a Eufy security camera system in your rental property that YOU own but only you would have access to the camera footage?

I can’t speak to Australian laws as I’m in the US but I would think that your tenants would see that as a MAJOR privacy violation, regardless of the agreement/contract that you all agree to.

I suppose if you had the cameras only on the exterior of the building, they might be ok with it but if you had cameras on the inside of the building and they couldn’t control what is or is not recorded, then you might not get anyone to move in.

As a renter myself, I can tell you that if my landlord told us that they installed security cameras on the inside of our apartment when we moved in and we could not see or delete any of the footage, we would have done an immediate 180 and left on day one. It’s just super creepy and as you said, it opens up a pandoras box of potential legal issues for you.

It’s one thing to let the renters install their own camera system to protect their property and belongings inside of the building. It’s another thing to install a camera system that they can’t control just to make sure your unit isn’t being trashed. That’s the gamble with owning rental units. No matter how many guarantees you offer your tenants that you wont be creepy, they’ll still be creeped out.

Hi so I don’t think you read my post correctly. I would hand over the system when they start the lease and be removed from the house. At the end of the lease the tenants can secure wipe the data and hand the system back. The intention is to provide a security system for them but I want no part in it. Also maybe I didn’t highlight it being external only.
The property has quite a large yard and not in the best side of town. We don’t want to have dogs there but offer a safe environment for the tenants. They. Would have full control over the system.
We are spending quote a bit of money on the property. New floors new bathroom toilet kitchen and it has had a full roof restoration. The whole building has been painted inside and out. New doors and jambs window coverings ext… we want to try and protect it.
Perhaps we could offer a few $$$ if the tenant wanted to put in a security system and leave it at that.

Ohhhhh ok, I understand now. Yeah, I misunderstood your end goal.

So you’re essentially including the Eufy system as part of the rental but they have full control over it. In that case, it’s up to you on whether or not you want to shell out for the cameras and what not.

I’m wanting to do the same thing with my rental. Did you ever get an answer from Eufy on how to easily swap control to your renter and then take it back when they leave the rental?

I don’t think the Eufy system would work very well for you.

  1. Changing the Primary admin is a nightmare. They have never created an automated way to transfer the Primary admin role. You have to delete all the devices and storage from the existing admin account and then create a new account and add it all back in again. That means taking all the devices down and re-adding to Homebase.
  2. Mass exports and deletions of video are not easy. Homebase 3 may help with exporting existing clips, but there aren’t any mechanisms for automating the deletions of stored events or doing a mass clearing of data.
  3. Eufy doesn’t have any mechanism for blacklisting hardware that has been removed or stolen. Your tenant might decide to take the system with when they leave and there isn’t a way for you to prevent it being re-used in their next place. Support won’t be any help in this case.

I would keep looking or get a security contractor to give you some options. Eufy is consumer gear and isn’t set up to allow what you are asking it to do.