Setting alarm by keypad does not show in app

i can set the alarm by the app and by the keypad. but it seems like when i activate the alarm by the keypad, it does not show this on the app. Is there a way to do this?

Do you mean… if I change modes on the keypad it’s not showing the change in the app?

If so … depending on the screen your in… pull down on the screen to refresh the page… or leave that page and come back to it.

On the security tab you can see which mode is active and also whether the alarm is active (in red text). Mayhaps you need to refresh the page. In any case I hope you know which mode has the alarm configured so you can see it by looking at the active mode.

You need to do following:
Dial pin code in keypad -> press Away or Home on keypad -> Press tick button.
Once tick button pressed, the status in the Security section of the app will change accordingly.