Set security modes with Homebase2 devices and non homebase devices

I have a homebase 2 with 3 Eufy cams 2c’s and just received a indoorcam pan & tilt. When I leave my house I now have to enable “away” on both my homebase and the pan & tilt separately. Can’t I just group all devices together and enable a security mode?

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The indoor powered cams don’t talk to Homebase 2, so you can’t manage them together. Eufy says this will change, but don’t hold your breath.

Already returned the pan & tilt, this is useless (non) integration… how is it possible that such a trivial option is not available.

The Pan & Tilt, indoor 2k, and solo cams are meant to be standalone devices, They are cheaper and easier to setup. Unfortunately, Eufy doesn’t document the differences between the two types of devices so customers assume they all work together. I have a mix of both types for different locations and am ok with the fact that the wired cams don’t talk to the Homebase. The wired cams do continuous recording, which allows placement that cover gaps that the battery cams don’t handle very well.

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Can the camera be accessed via a mobile network? I can’t find any info on this. Useless to me if it can’t.
If it can, how do I access the stream? No details in included literature.

All of Eufy’s cameras and security devices are accessible via mobile or wifi using either the Android or IOS app.