Separate notification settings for motion and human, while still recording both

Id like to record all motion, but have the option to only be notified for only Human detection. This comes in handy to ensure all activity is monitored but i am only pinged if there is a person around.
Use case: dog is in the back yard and i don’t want to be notified of that, but still record. I do want to record and be notified if there is a human.

The option can also allow for the opposite, record motion but not human, as well if the feature allows.

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Totally agree.
What’s annoying is that the eufy outdoor cam c24 (2k) let’s you do this.
I have one.
I can record 24/7. It can seperate out motion detection between human pet and all other motion. You can select which single or multiple types of motion you want to record and you can choose what types of motion you want to be notified of.
It’s easily the best eufy cam I have. The down side is that it can’t be connected to the home base. But it does have geofencing which has been working well
It’s ashame some of the features cant be moved to the 2 or 2c models.

One of the great features of the wired cams. They really need to deal with alarms the same way… alarm for human AI detection and just record that bobcat that walked thru my yard.

Not sure why they can’t spread the love to their other cameras? ( this and privacy zones and fonts that you can read against the white sky)

Would like to have this also! I liked this feature on my Ring cameras.