Sensors stopped working

Been using these camera for 1 week now. The sensors on the one camera have stopped working. It worked fine up until today now it won’t sence until someone is already walking away from the porch. The cameras are straight up garbage. I’ve already had issues with the recordings and activity zones all within 1 week. Thinking of returning, wondering if any1 else has had just constant issues with these cameras because so far in my opinion these are totally trash.

Yes everyone has issues. The list is long. You did not say what camera, but if you read this forum I’m sure you will find someone complaining about the one you have.

It’s the 2c. Is it even worth keeping then? Cause what a pain in the ass. Shits not working from day one. Do they ever fix any of the issues?

I don’t have one of those. I an owner of 3-cam2 and a doorbell. I want to like it but they make it hard. Please read what you can and make up your own mind. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Nope the problem you have and many of us too is a problem that been getting complaints as far back as 2018 on the forum without a fix. I have my ladder close by so when it happens I reinstall the camera. What a great system. :roll_eyes:


What a pain in the ass

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