Sensitivity Settings for the Floodlight - Motion


New to Eufy as of this weekend. I installed the Floodlight, Doorbell, 2 x EufyCAM-2C and 2x Eufy CAM2.

My question is about the Floodlight. I am getting a lot of false alarms for motion detection, it is picking up everything.

I have the motion sensitive set to “3”

Motion Lighting to 100 percent when sensing motion

Regular lighting with the enabled Sunset to sunrise schedule, lights are at 20 percent

Any advice to help stop the cause of the false alarms…or possibly the pick up of moths/bugs flying into camera view, maybe street traffic but I have the activity zones set for inside my property.

Any advice? Also, is there a place where we can find narrative descriptives of the sensitivity settings?

So far, love the products…


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@_FoleyAMG3388 Is it picking up trees moving or animals? If it is trees you should set activity zones in the places you need them!

Hey, @_FoleyAMG3388 just checking in to see if my ideas worked! I hope they helped!

I have this same issue with my flood light. I have the activity zones set to the inside of my property, big trucks like FedEx, UPS and the garbage truck set off my alerts. I have also changed and experimented with different settings numerous times and I still get false alerts. I will also not get alerts when someone is close to my garage door or my vehicles, all in the activity zone.


Hello, I am having a similar issue. I walk up my driveway and no detection of movement. I think it would be helpful if there were a diagram of how the sensor looks at the area in front of it. But love the cameras!


Im having this exact issue! Plus the weather like snow or hard rain will set off the actual security alarm. Have you figured out any solutions since you posted in here?

This is what I dont understand about the floodlight!

It goes off at every car that drives past on the road even though its outside the activity zones, yet is slow to detect a person walking up the driveway in the activity zone to activate the light.

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