Sell all devices without homebases and then sell homebases separately

Hello Eufy!!

This might sound crazy at first but hear me out

Buying different devices from Eufy Security can lead to too many homebases. I bought a pack of Eufy 2C cameras which came with a home base. Then I bough a Eufy Doorbell which came with a home base. I’m looking at the Eufy Alarm kit with a motion sensor and 2 contact sensors and keypad. This also comes with a homebase.


If Eufy Security sold all of their devices without homebases and then sold the homebase separately Eufy could sell combos for lower prices leading to more sales. This would be better instead of selling homebases with every combo. Plus the users don’t end up with 3 homebases.

Please consider only selling homebases as a separate purchase. Or maybe you can let users choose if they want a homebase to come with their combo.


Thank you for reaching out and letting us know your cocnern.

We have made the Homebase supports different features and depends on differnt user perference.

For the individual pack purchase, we will consider the possibility of future development. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

​Thank you for your support. Have a lovely day.


Im waiting for the wireless doorbell camera to become available separately. I would buy instantly.


Does anyone know when the wireless doorbell will be available as a separate unit (ie without the home base)? I have two doors at my house (like most people do) - front and back door. I already have one wireless doorbell at my front door but I also want another one for my back door. I don’t need another home base though.

Agree with these comments so far. I’d like a doorbell but will not be spending the money to buy another Homebase pack that I don’t need. I thought adding to the Eufy ecosystem would be easy and encouraged, not prohibited by cost. Great products though, well done, and thanks if you consider this.

Same here, not buying doorbell until it’s solo :crossed_fingers: also can’t wait for door lock :star_struck:


We were supposed to get this in Feb!

It’s time to sell the doors separately.

This would be such a good idea :+1:t3:


I bought 2 eufy pro I can’t seem to get the homebase i think I’ll just return them. I have question can i buy the door bell and connect it with these cameras will it work or just give and return them. Your response will be highly appreciated.

You can get a homebase separately: (also available for EU/UK)