Seeing all this makes me wish I'd gone wish Ring instead

Now I’m worried my new cameras won’t be any good.

@dk24jc As an owner of MANY Eufy security products I understand how all these comments in the community can be concerning. Fortunately, for us as consumers there are lots of options: Arlo, Ring, Wyze, Google Nest, Blink, etc…which makes choosing one difficult or even possibly having buyer’s remorse because we could have chosen something else instead. BUT I’ll let you know, they all have Pros/Cons. That’s the first thing to understand. There is NO one product that is perfect! The next thing to consider are your needs and expectations. Identify those first and then begin to see if the Eufy products you own check those boxes.

Last, is to realize that these systems are like any other technology. They will have a shelf life. Security cameras will get better over time. I did not buy my Eufy products because I thought they would last me forever. I know I’m not marrying these things, lol. These devices are to help me with my needs for today and in the near future. Like a smartphone, I’m hoping I can get 3-5 QUALITY years of service per device. Anything after that is a bonus. Maybe you can also reframe how you look at your investment and see it like a service. If you’ve spent $700 on your system and get 5 years from these products…that’s less than $12 a month for your investment. For three years that’s still less than $20 a month.

With all that said, I am very objective and opinionated about my Eufy purchases. I’m not a fanboy and I don’t drink the Cool-Aid. There are times I love it…and other times I’m not so happy with specific things (and I will voice my concerns with the hope that they get fixed someday in the future). But I don’t regret spending thousands of dollars on these items. Hope this helps!


Reduce to the ridiculous… nice. What do you sell? :slight_smile:

Boy… I’m glad a forum like this wasn’t my first stop in buying cameras. It’s really overwhelming. I would have bought a 10$ light timer… locked my doors and hoped for the best.

I would use this forum to ask questions… lots of knowledgeable cats on here can guide you … and happy to help.

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@chefrd LOL! :wink::+1:t3: Yeah, this place can be overwhelming at times. I’d suggest to look for commonalities, ask questions, get feedback, share ideas, what works, what doesn’t, etc.

A person with problems will be more likely to write on the forums than someone who’s happy with the products. Heck, I bet most of those people don’t even know there’s a eufy security forum.

@dk24jc just wait and test out the product, return it if you don’t like it. I have quite a setup myself and don’t recognise myself in 99% of the reported issues. Not that those issues aren’t there, it just varies a lot per user.


Take a look online, research all the different security systems and also research the problems people have with them. Imo, most of the problems people have comes down to user error or people expecting the system to do something it wasn’t designed to do

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