Security schedule ignored

Hello, I recently got the new Eufy indoor 2k cam. Everything has been setup and working fine except no geofencing to automatically change modes and the schedule gives no cares about what I put, it always stays disarmed.

Is this a known issue? I can go to the schedule, delete everything, fill it out again and it will still keep the camera in disarmed mode. I can delete everything again, pick the w hole week as away and it will still be disarmed. Basically, the schedule is useless for me and it’s beyond annoying for an automated home to constantly need to interact with an app to change modes.

I’ve had mine on a night time schedule for the 2 weeks I’ve had the camera and mine turns on at midnight and turns off at 6 am…as long as it is set to schedule in the Security section of the app. Sorry I can’t help you.

I have the same problem. I schedule the moment for going active but it doesn’t work. What can I do?