Security Options on Apple Watch

Would love to be able to change the security options (home, away, etc) on the Apple Watch please. When leaving or arriving home, all we would need to do is change the setting on the Apple Watch without needing to take out the phone. This would be great for turning off and on camera notifications, for example. Thank you! 8)

  • 1 from me! My issue is that when moving around our gardens I sometimes forget beforehand to switch to disarmed or snooze camera modes on the app - I often leave my 'phone indoors for protection if I’m doing very physical work like sawing/pruning or rolling about on the grass (!).

So this means (because I have a WiFi connection on the watch throughout the property) I get buzzed every time I pass a camera - there are four I regularly set off, and of course unless the system is disarmed it’s using up battery life unnecessarily - snooze only stops the alerts, not the recordings. Once I’m in a fixed place, say sitting having lunch, I’m keen to re-arm the system to catch any potential callers/intruders on sides of the property that I can’t see - they’re too far away to hear anyone.

A quick press on the watch to access these options would be great.


I get this on my Apple Watch too!
Would be ideal if Eufy enabled snooze of recordings not just notifications.
Quite often you can have an ad hoc trip to the garden which is outside my schedule in the Eufy app (when they are turned off)


I add my vote for this one too!
When I go out for a running session, I don’t take my smartphone with me since my Apple watch is enough (I have subscribed to a cellular forfait for calls). That would be great if I could just arm/disarm my Eufy system with a simple app on the watch everytime I leave the house for a jog.

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