Securing your battery video doorbell

Hi there, I’ve just bought the battery video doorbell. This might be a dumb question, what’s an easy way to ensure it can’t be stolen easily by someone?


I am also looking for an extra way to secure the doorbell. I find the doorbell too vulnerable for robbery.

Thanks for the responses so far. My main concern is anyone being able to dislodge the doorbell from the housing nailed to the wall using a iPhone tool. I would like a response from Eufy on this thread given the chat option is chatting to a bot as far as I can see…!

They need to improve this. With a screw like ring. It’s not a great solution but it’s better then using a pin.

I am going to drill a screw just underneath the doorbell so it will block the pin hole. So anyone thinking of stealing my doorbell will also need a drilling machine.
Not ideal but some extra security.

This is what it looks like after drilling a screw underneath the doorbell. At least it is something of an extra security.

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Looks good., I haven’t done it yet but I was thinking to use a black plastic block or a piece of wood with a screw through it.


Jonny, you’ve just stated the obvious. When something is easy and efficient may encourage theft. Putting a obstacle even a small one may deter a thief.

If Eufy offered free replacement on theft like Ring does then having such easy dismount is acceptable.

Not sure what you’re selling to me here. I simply stated that doorbell is far easier to remove than others and extra measures would be appreciated. :beers:

I like this idea - now I’m wondering if there’s something you need a more specialist tool to remove - like there used to be locking wheelnuts for alloy wheels (maybe still are…) - a standard socket wouldn’t fit, you had to use the one that came with them (and that could be ‘unique’ to your set of wheels - well ‘unique’ might really have been one in a hundred but…)

I wonder is there’s screw/bolt equivalent - something you need a unique(ish) socket or tool to remove…?


Your referring to a fastener. The work around would be placing a screw with a star head or square to block the hole to release the doorbell. That is the work around someone posted.

A star head (Torx?) would be an improvement on a Philips head as it’s more unusual, not sure what the next level from there would be - I’ve never seen a packet of screws with such a unique head you had to use the tool provided in the packet…

I guess you could also put a smooth headed coach bolt right through the frame and bolt on the inside but hat’s more mess than I was planning :slight_smile:


@Haadsecure lol :joy:

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I got mine zippy tied to my screen door. Thinking of putting a zip tie around the whole thing. So instead of just the back tied its going to be around all of it.
I dont like the fact if for whatever reason if it unclips which it can the way i got it set up then the doorbell will drop 5 foot to the concrete patio most likely smashing it. So another zip tie around it keeps it that bit safer.
And anyone looking at it will see the zip tie and hopefully think its going to be too hard and too noisy and take too long to steal it.

My old video doorbell, the swann pathetic 720p model which takes 5 mins to ring… i modified the base, stuck an adapter plug in the charge port and hung a usb battery pack inside the screen door and charged it that way so i never had to remove it.
This one is harder as the charge port is right above the top screw hole so it cant be modified to charge in place.

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