Secondary alarm siren


I will be installing entry sensors on some doors and windows of my house.
The homebase is on the ground flour and some of the weak points are on the first floor, i honestly believe the potential thief wouldn’t be afraid of the alarm as it will probably not be so loud with the distance.

It would be nice to have a secondary “child” alarm linked to the Homebase, both alarms would be activated at the same time.

Or maybe this is doable with a second Homebase ? But i think in this case either on or the other HB would be activated, not both of them.

Thanks for your help.


You will not be able to use a second homebase as a second alarm, however you can use the automation to trigger the alarm on a camera from a separate sensor! Or trigger the camera alarm when the homebase alarm goes off!

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I think an outdoor siren with a more louder sounding alarm compared to the cameras or homebase would be a great addition to the Eufy system especially with the new keypad being released, I would certainly buy one if Eufy released it.


I definitely agree with a secondary alarm and something much louder. Easy enough design that it could plug right into the wall like an eero Beacon or something. Integrate a nightlight and/or flashing light when the alarm goes off.


Agreed, we need this. The homebase alarm is simply not loud enough. In my case it would help if indoor cameras were connected to homebase and alarms on the cameras could also be activated

I am looking to replace my outdated wired home alarm system. I am trying to find if a outdoor siren could be added to this home security system. I don’t want to be locked into relying on the outdoor cameras for the exterior audible alerts.

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This is one of the biggest improvements I’d like to see and there seems to be alot of similar posts for this. Hopefully Eufy makes this happen.

It could be as simple as linking the door chime from the video door bell to the home base.
I’d love to put a chime on each floor and then hide the home base. That would also let me connect the home base through lan and share a ups with my modem.

A louder siren option would be nice too but I could live with the current volume and multiple chimes.