Second homebase to function as a Chime

I have purchased two Video Doorbell Dual units. Given that I can’t buy the add-on in Europe, I ended up with two HomeBase 2’s. I have one camera installed at the front door and one camera installed at the rear door. The HomeBase 2 to which both cameras are connected is near the front door.

I thought it would be interesting to install the second HomeBase 2 near the rear door, to have an extra chime. Especially since there is quite some distance between the rear door and the first HomeBase 2. However, I find that since both doorbells are linked to the first HomeBase 2, the second won’t chime when either of the bells are pressed.

Would it be possible to connect the second HomeBase 2 to the first HomeBase 2 and add the feature that this second one chimes when the first HomeBase 2 chimes?

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I second this.

Would love to use my old Homebase 2 as a second shime for my doorbell connected to my new Homebase 3

Should be able to use it for many things…. Extra chime, extra alarms,extra storage, range extender… even as a decoy to get smashed or stolen to keep your main device safe and hidden.

I have 2 extras in a box doing nothing. Would be nice to at least have a louder alarm???