Searching for Eufy Security Windows PC App

I am searching for ways to view the video clip/events on the local storage of the Homebase 2 security device. I can see it only through the phone app, but not the web portal. I can’t find a Windows PC App to download even though the Web portal Events section says to use the App or Cloud service. Is there one? I expected to only store local and not utilize cloud storage. Is there another way to retrieve the video clips from my local storage through another protocol that will authenticate my access?

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Easiest way I have found is to install Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC and then download the Eufy app so that it runs on Bluestacks. Bluestacks is primarily aimed at gamers wanting to play android games on their PCs or Macs, but it works for the Eufy Security app just as well and will show your video clips, notifications and live video. I have mine setup with a 65" TV as a monitor and the video looks great.

Bluestacks is free, but shows a few gaming ads when loaded. Once loaded you don’t see any ads. You can download the Eufy security app from either Google Play or I use, so I don’t have any hooks to Google on my PC. Once you have the Eufy app installed, sign on with your account and all your clips and live views are available. You can also save any of your clips to the local hard drive and they will be playable and exportable to Windows.

Bluestacks is available at

Eufy has said they are working on a PC app, but they haven’t provided any timeline, so this is the best solution I have found.

Another solution is to use VirtualBox and run Android in a VM with the Eufy app. You don’t have any ads at startup, but its considerably harder to configure.


We NEED a PC Application!

Need a Mac app as well. The only app they have right now is to download recordings.

Bluestacks works on Mac as well. I find it better than the limited app Eufy has for Mac.

Bluestacks doesn’t work on the new apple silicon models and the eufy security app in bluestacks doesn’t work on some older models. I’ve tested on my 2012 MacBook Pro and 2020 Mac mini.

I don’t have any of the new Apple gear. My newest is a Mac Mini from 2012. I know there was a hiccup with a few versions of the Eufy app on Bluestacks. There is an easy fix for the app issue and that is to set the Bluestacks Engine ABI setting from Auto to ARM. That should fix the app’s white screen on startup. That fixed both the PC version and the Mac version for my gear.