Scheduling for doorbell motion detect

I’d like to see the option to record only bell-presses for some periods, but motion detect AND presses for others.


Good idea that would be very useful for reducing false alarms during coming home or leaving for work

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I agree. I love the doorbell but immediately wished for more options to control which features are active when or to mute the motion detection for a period if time. During the day I;d love to ignore or mute the motion detection to concervse battery when people are outside (in teh summer) within range of the camera. I’d settle for some time of day configuration, but I’d also to control which times of day it will record, which times of day it will alarm, etc. When I see people outside I ant to hit a setting to ignore motion alarms for 2 hours, or even decide not to record any notion. I 'd like motion alarms at night only.

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