Scheduled motion detection

One thing i really miss on all the products is the option to create scheduled motion detection.
So my camera or doorbell only send notification during the scheduled time. For example my doorbell sends lots of notifications during daytime. I can not set it to only send those during night time.

My indoor cam does not have to send notification on during daytime when kids are home.
So would be very helpfull to add this option.


You can, just go to the security tab in the app and choose ‘schedule’ to set it.

This only works for doorbell actions ( when sombody rings the doorbell).
Motion detection option cant be turned on or of in some kind of scheduled action.


No, also works for motion detection.
I have my ‘home’ setting in security tab on only recording (no push notification), For ‘away’ setting I have recording & push notification on.

After setting this up, I created the schedule.

All motions are filmed during whole day, only during night I receive push notification.

And during daytime you get push notification when for example the delivery guy rings you’re doorbell?

That’s my point, I want message when doorbell is pushed but no movement notification.

Yes, then you get a notification when someone rings your doorbell during daytime!

Security tab settings are just for motion detection, whatever you set here will not affect your notifications when someone is pressing your bell.
This you can set separately in your doorbell settings under ‘notification’

Works great, thanks for you’re help

Hello. How do you review the schedules that you create in the Security tab.

You can find it under security, I made 2 different tiles. I can review them under this tab.
100% works for me thanks to you’re help!

If you disable motion detection recording on a schedule, I am finding it disables all video recording for that schedule period. It would be nice to be able to always record video on bell press, but not pick up motion recordings during the day.

The thing is that I don’t want that video is recorded at all during day in case of motion detection, just to save battery. As far as I can see the schedule is only meant to control notifications, but that’s not enough. De doorbell needs to record always when doorbell rings, incl notification. And motion detection and recording and notifications only at night.

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This is exactly what I want too. Doorbell recordings during day. Motion recordings at night. Seems such a simple idea but no option within Eufy app?

Having now spent far too much time trying to get this to work believing I must have been doing something wrong, I realise that it is the software that is the problem here.
Firstly the doorbell button experience is very good and the only reason why it hasn’t been sent back thus far.
Secondly Eufy have built a snooze ability into the motion captures for up to 12 hours on manual basis, so the hardware can clearly cope with this type of instruction.
I simply want to be able for button notifications and recordings to be left on.
However I didn’t want to record every motion outside my front door and I certainly don’t’t want to be notified, I know I can set a mode and can turn off notifications and recordings, but this will also affect the button press.
EUFY - pls pls pls can we have the option of controlling the two triggers independently within the modes?
This will then allow for motion to be captured within a certain time period for example. e.g. overnight when you do want to be notified that there is someone outside your door! Many thanks.