Scheduled auto lock triggering even though it's already locked

I have it set up to auto lock at a specific time. The problem is it will try to lock the door at that time even if it’s already locked. I just set it up about a week ago worked fine then I do believe and only started doing this after the last update. Anyone else’s acting with this behavior?


I’m also having this same issue occur. The door attempts to lock per the schedule (even if the door is already locked) which triggers an “Unable to Lock. Please make sure the deadbolt isn’t blocked.” error message.
The software should recognize the door is already locked and not give an error message. Please provide a fix for this.


I’ll add a “me too” to this thread. It is highly irritating to have the lock try and auto-lock when it’s already locked. Moreover the event log in the app shows that the event before the auto-lock was the door being locked so the device “knows” it’s locked and is trying to lock again anyway. This issue didn’t start until the most recent firmware update so my guess is that it’s a bug. Please fix Eufy! I love this lock otherwise!


I’m having the same issue!

This is still occurring and has not been fixed. The lock will still send notifications about it not closing correctly while the door is already closed and locked.

Same issue for us too! Funny this thread was started more than 2 years ago and the issue hasn’t yet been resolved. :exploding_head:

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Yep… Just started happening for us too.